Registration for the 14th Terras do Infante Tournament / 1st Stage of the 2017 European Cup

We will show step by step how to register in the 14th Terras do Infante Tournament / 1st Stage of the 2017 European Cup, all entries must be made in this way by CERS directive.

Step 1 – Access the registration page through the link placed on our homepage or go and select from the left side 14th Terras do Infante Inline Speed Skating – Lagos.

step1Then at the bottom of the page you should enter where it says “logged in” with your credentials if you have them, or register for new ones.

In this tutorial we will make a registration to obtain new credentials



step2Step 2 –   To proceed with the register in the platform, you must click on the link where it says “Register”.




Step 3 – Next you must fill in the registration data and at the end click the “Submit” button.







step4Step 4 – You should choose your Club in the Club list and if it does not appear in the list, you must enter the club name in the box that says “When your club is not found in the list, enter the name here:” then press Submit




step5Step 5 – Check your email, you will receive an email to confirm your account.


Attention: that it can go to the spam folder as in the image on the right.



step7Step 6 – Verify your email, so you should click on the link that says Verify

If in the meantime you get a message saying “Suspicious link” do not be afraid to continue.


step8Step 7 – Log in to the platform in the link with your username and password and press Submit to enter.






Step 8 – After entering, click in 14th Terras do Infante Inline Speed Skating – Lagos and save the races you want to participate short / long then press next step.




step11Step 9 – Confirm that everything is correct and press next step







Step 10 – It will display again your data as well as the rules.

It will display the amount to pay.

At the end you should accept rules by clicking the Accept button to proceed to the next phase.




step13Step 11 – Select the payment method, which can be by credit card or through the organizer’s voucher. In this case we will show you the payment by credit card.

For this, please select the Pay online option



step13AStep 12 – You must enter the data of your credit card or MBNet.

Then click the Pay Button € 25.00 (*)

(*) This amount may vary depending on the payment date


step14In case everything goes well, you’ll receive the following message



At the end you can check your name in the list of entries in the competition, if you want to sign up for other European cup the process is the same without part of the registration on the platform!

Good competitions !!