Six Hundreds of Skaters from 17 countries and a hundred clubs will cheer for Lagos on the first weekend of April

Registered several World Champions, Europeans and Winners of the World Games in 2017

Another year in which Lagos and their Speed ​​Skating Club managed to bring to this corner of the Algarve and Portugal a stage of the European Circuit of the sport.


The European Speed ​​Skating Confederation (CEC), after the successes, of the 1st Stage of the European Cup and the European Championship, both played in Lagos in 2017, with high praise to the organization, entrusted and awarded the 2nd stage of the Cup of the Europe to the city lacobrigense.

Once again, spectacular events, incredible assists and a lot of excitement are waiting for you, in a program that will start on Friday morning, April 6th, and will take place throughout the day and the following morning with morning, afternoon and evening sessions. night, on the Júlio Dantas School Runway and will end on Sunday, on Avenida dos Descobrimentos and on the streets of Lagos county, with the 25km race, 3 laps to a circuit around the city.

There are already about 550 registered skaters, with one week left until the end of the season, with 16 confirmed countries, 96 clubs and numerous international squad members.

The highlights of those already registered are Sandrine Tas, Bel, considered one of the best skaters in the world today, the professional team of Powerslide Matter Racing, which presents a fabulous curriculum and that, in 2017, was World Champion 20Km Medal Gold in the World Games in Poland Bi European Champion of 300m and relays and five times Individual European Champion, with a total of 17 medals in the three biggest events last year, she is a record holder of the Lagos Track in 3 distances: flying lap, 300mts and 1Km.

Sheila Posada, Esp, European runners-up and current leader of the World Marathon Cup, European champion from relays, Belgians, Vanhoutte and Vos, and France’s Halbout, Pouydebat, Lefeuvre and the Italian-German Woolaway will be their main opponents in the Women’s Elite.

Sandrine Tas
Sheila Posada

In the men’s elite the great Portuguese champion Diogo Marreiros, Roller Lagos CP and the professional team BONT, winner of the 2017 European Cup in bottom and 2nd in the speed will have strong opposition from Elton de Souza, Fra, to compete with team colors professional MX Takino MPC, Gold Medal at the World Games – Poland,

Diogo Marreiros

in the competition of 15Km Elimination on Track, winner of the European Cup 2017 in Speed ​​and 2nd in long distances, Valentin Thibault, Fra, representing the professional team of Powerslide Matter Racing, Bi junior world champion in 2017, now in the year of debut in Seniors / Elites. Reference is also made to junior junior relays champions in 2017, Belgium’s Indra Medard, also vice-champion individual, and Thomas Voste, as well as the French champions in the junior category in 2017, now making their senior / Pedicone and Lhomme, without forgetting the European champion in relays, Belgian Tim Sibiet.

Partida da Maratona Mulheres

For all this and a lot of reasons, including the fact that these tests have live and full broadcast on  Roller Lagos TV  all roads will go to the Júlio Dantas Secondary School track, Friday and Saturday, days 6 and 7 of April and to the Avenue of Descobrimentos, on Sunday morning, to attend this great spectacle and to follow closely all the intervening ones.

Partida da Maratona