Official registration on March 3

More than a month of the XIVTerras do Infante – Lagos dos Descobrimentos – 1st stage of the European Cup, registered skaters already exceed 270, out of 11 countries (equaling the most ever in no. Of countries).

As expected, the registrations are growing and increasing day by day, and it is expected to beat all the records of participation, number of skaters, clubs and participating countries.

There are already eleven countries registered, with the highlight being the first participation of skaters from the Czech Republic and a large entourage from Colombia.
Regarding the seniors already registered in Seniors Elites, the highlight is the American Erin Jackson, bronze in the last World Championship, French Juliette Pouydebat, triple bronze medalist in the European Championship of 2016 and winner of Terras do Infante / 16, and the Portuguese Diogo Marreiros, bronze in the 2016 World Cup and Martyn Dias vice champion in 2016 of the European Cup of Fund and the XIII Terras of Infante.

Diogo Marreiros, POR

Erin Jackson, USA

Juliette Pouydebat, FRA

Martyn Dias, POR
















In juniors B and A we have Marijke Groenewould, Dutch triple European champion, Jordy van Workum, also the country of tulips, European Junior Champion B and Mathéo Kervoelen, French, European Senior Vice Champion B.


Marijke Groenewoud, HOL

Jordy van Workum, HOL

Mathéo Kervoelen, FRA








The most popular classes so far are the Female Initiates, Female Cadets and Junior B Men with, 30, 27 and 26 registered skaters, respectively.
In the next days more registrations are expected that allow to surpass the four hundred athletes in competition.


Suit Bont – Diogo and Martyn 2017

Start Male Elite  2016










 Official registration on March 3