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Terras do Infante Heats the Wheels!

It will be tomorrow, Friday 7 April, that will begin the biggest and most spectacular edition of the famous tournament Terras do Infante, the 1st Stage of the European Cup with 635 entries from 19 countries and 110 clubs !! The organization releases the General and Specific Competition Rules for all participants and the general [...]

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Menus for the Terras do Infante Tournament

The organization of the 14th Terras do Infante Tournament – 1st European Cup  informs the menus available for each of the 5 meals at the track (Friday - dinner, Saturday Lunch and Dinner, Sunday - Lunch and Dinner). Early bookings should be made through the organization's email to ensure that meals are available. You [...]

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The races program for Terras do Infante 2017 is now available

The organization announced the races program for the 1st stage of the Euro Cup 2017 - Terras do Infante - Lagos dos Descobrimentos. Three days of intense competition where there will be some of the best skaters in Europe and the World. Not to be missed from the 7th to the 9th of April 2017 [...]

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Lagos receives 1st Stage of EURO CUP 2017

Lagos will be the city of Speed ​​Skating in 2017, After the allocation of the European Championship organization, the European Speed ​​Skating Committee, CEC, announced the 9 stages of the European Cup - EURO CUP - of 2017, Where Lagos stands out as the inaugural stage, from 7 to 9 April. Lagos will host the [...]

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