Approaching the date so awaited by the Speed ​​Skating family, the second stage of the 2019 European Cup will take place in Lagos – Algarve – Portugal from 5 to 7 April.

Some useful Information:

1) TRAINING SCHEDULE: From Monday to Thursday, 4th, all skaters and registered clubs will be able to training for free, at the Track that will receive the event, at the   Júlio Dantas School, between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm, except for the moments of assembly and cleaning of the track.

2) The Organization Office desk, for picking up folders with race numbers and chips, will have the following opening hours:

Thursday, April 4, from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Friday, April 5, from 7:30 am

3) For the Tournament Ranking – Overall Classification will count the following races:

Young Skaters – Escolares (under 9 born in 2011 and before), Infantis (under 11, born in 2009 and 2010) and Iniciados (under 13, born in 2007 and 2008) – All the races.

Cadets, Youth, Juniors and SeniorsOnly the races made on track, days 1 and 2 (5 and 6 April).

4) The 100m race is an extra race and it as a single classification and award for age groups of Women’s Absoluts and Men’s Absoluts, with 24 skaters, in each gender selected by the organization. For this selection, all Youth, Junior and Senior skaters are considered Absoluts.

The selection will be announced at the end of the 1st day session, based on the following selection criteria:

  1. Curriculum (times and classifications) of the skaters in this race, throughout their career. The skaters who wish to apply for the participation must fill out their own document at the organization office desk when pick up the race numbers and chips

b) Classification / times in the 500m, the first race short distance race.

c) The selected list will be presented by the organization on Friday evening, April 5, with 24 + 4 men and 24 + 4 women. Twenty-four will be the members and the 4 substitutes that will have to appear in the meeting point and will replace, in order, the skaters who didn’t show.

5) The race Água Hotels Marathon, will start for men all toghether and one minute later for all women.

Both gender are three different races:

  1. Short Marathon Água Hotels – 1 lap to 7Km circuit, only for Cadets skaters. The top three, male and female, will be awarded. If any Cadet skater make more than one lap will be disqualified.

b) Half Marathon Água Hotels3 laps to the circuit, total 21Km. At the end of these 3 laps will be made a classification that will count for the National Portugal Circuit of Marathons. There will be classification for Youth, with the top three in both gender and will be awarded. If any Youth skater make more than three laps will be disqualified.

c) Marathon Água Hotels6 laps to the circuit, total 42 km. This race is only for Juniors, Seniors and Masters. At the end will have a general classification of Female Absolutes and General Male Absolutes, with an award and prize money for the first three skaters. There will be also classifications for the four Masters age groups, male and female: Masters I (30 – 39); Masters II (40-49); Masters III (50-59); Masters IV (60 and more), will be awarded the first three in each group.

d) As soon the first woman across the finish line, all skaters also finish their race, when they across the finish line even if the distance (6 laps) it’s not complete. After that the traffic will be open.

e) There will be a supply station halfway along the road, with water and isotonic drinks and after the finish line, near the river where, at the end, the skaters will be awarded with medals and sport nutrition products PROZIS GIFT. (see Prozis PROTEAMS newsletter).

In the organization website are available the list of participants and the updated calendar.

We wish you all a good journey!