You are hereby invited to the 14th International Speed Skating Tournament “Terras do Infante”, which will be taking place in the Portuguese city of Lagos in the Algarve from 7–9 April 2017. It will be the first stage of this year’s European Cup, which is being hosted in Portugal for the first time ever.

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The 14th “Terras do Infante”  tournament is organized by Roller Lagos Clube de Patinagem (C.P) and this year features races on the track, where the European Championships will also be hosted in July, and the half marathon (25 km) on the streets around Lagos, which will also be the route for the marathon in the European Championships.

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We therefore expect to receive a large number of entries, exceeding the customary three hundred and fifty participants.

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The organizing club has established partnerships with various hotels and has secured packages for 2 or 3 nights with accommodation/hotel and 5 meals,

Packages for accommodation and meals:

On Monday, 10 April, a Clinic will also be held, featuring guest speakers and local heroes Diogo Marreiros (bronze medal winner in the World Championships in Nanjing/2016) and Martyn Dias (2nd place in the final ranking for distance in the 2016 European Cup) and physiotherapists Celso Silva and Maria João Gomes.

Registrations will be submitted online on the CEC site

4) Registration page

except for non-federated and school sports skaters (Não federados / Desporto Escolar), who need to register with the organizing club by e-mail.

All this information is available here:

5) Tournament website

6) Facebook page

7) Regulations

8) Race schedule


The skaters will certainly be in the spotlight this year, thanks to an innovative concept for capturing and producing images on a grand scale, featuring 5 cameras, transmission in ultra HD (4K), a giant screen at the event venue, online transmission – live streaming of all the races (heats and finals in all age groups and the half marathon race in full!!! for the first time in a European Cup), footage on Roller Lagos TV – YouTube (watch whatever you want, whenever you want).

9) Roller Lagos TV

Don’t miss one of the greatest international tournaments of the Iberian Peninsula!


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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Roller Lagos C.P. team