The fifteenth edition of the International Speed ​​Skating Tournament – Terras do Infante – Lagos dos Descobrimentos, already has many high quality inscriptions.

The great highlight goes without a doubt to one of the best speed skaters today, it is the Belgian Sandrine Tas, owner of an impressive curriculum, only considering the last sporting season:

Sandrine Tas, BEL 5

Sandrine Tas

  • Twice Word Champion Nanjing 2017 20Km E road;
  • Triple Bronze World ChampionshipsNanjing 2017 – 15Km E, 10Km P/E e 1 Km Track;
  • Gold, 4x Silver e Bronze World Games Track Polónia/2017: 1Km, 15Km E,10Km (track) e 20Km E e 10Km P (road) P/E e 300m time trial;
  • Road relays European Champion / Five times second European Champion Lagos-Portugal 2017 10Km P/E e 15Km E Track e 100m, 20Km E e 10Km P Road .

In the feminine sector the main opponents of the Belgian will be:

Sheila Posada, Esp,

  • Twice European Champion Lagos – Portugal 2017- 1 Lap Road;
  • Twice European Champion Relays Track Pista and Bronze Road Lagos – Portugal 2017;
  • Winer Terras do Infante 2005 and 2012.
Sheila Posada, Esp
Stien Vanhoutte, BEl

Stien Vanhoutte, Bel,

  • Twice European Champion Lagos – Portugal 2017 300m   Time Trial Track
  • European Champion Relays Road.

Anke Vos, Bel,

  • Road Relays European Champion   
  • 2nd place European Championships 1 Lap Seniores Euro/2016 
  • Bronze Road Relays
Anke Vos, BEL 1
Clemence Halbout, FRA 1

Clemence Halbout, Fra,

  • Bronze World Championships Marathon 2016
  • Triple Bronze Medal Sénior Euro/2016: 20KM E; 15Km E 
  • Track Relays / 2º Place World Championships  2015

Juliette Pouydebat, Fra, 

  • Triple Bronze Medal European Championships 2016 – 1Km / 10Km P/E and Track Relasy
  • Winner Terras do Infante 2016.
Juliette Pouydebat FRA
Tersa Moreno ESP

Teresa Moreno, Esp,  

  • Triple Bronze European Championships Lagos – Portugal/2017 5Km P and Track Relays and Road Junior B.

Chloé Moulis, Fra, 

  • Bronze European Championships Lagos – Portugal 2017 100m Jun. B
  • European Champion Lagos – Portugal 2017 Road Relays Jun. B
Chloé Moulis, FRA
Angelina Otto GER

Angelina Otto, Ale, 

  • Bronze European Championships Lagos – Portugal 2017 – 10Km P Est. Jun. B

Josephine Alliaud, Fra,

  • Bronze European Championships Lagos – Portugal 2017 – Track Relays Sénior
Josephine Alliaud, Fra
Elen Van de Catsye

Elen Van de Catsye, Bel, 

  • Winner Terras do Infante in Seniores Elite in 2014

Men are not far behind in terms of competition and sports, if we do not note the highlights of those already registered:

Elton de Souza, Fra,

  • Gold Medal 15Km E in World Games Poland/2017
  • Winner of European Cup Short distances 2017/ World Champion Sénior Road Relay /2016;
  • 2nd place World Championships /2016 – Track Relays; 
  • Bronze 500m World Championships /2016 ;
  • European Champion Sénior Road Relays /2015 ;
  • Twice European Champion 2015
  • Winner Terras do Infante 2016.

Valentin Thiebault, Fra,

  • Twice World Champion Junior: 1 Lap and Road Relays;
  • Five Times European Champion of Junior 300m time trial and 500m and Track Relays and 1 Lap and Road Relays.

Indra Medard, Bel, 

  • World Champion Track Relays Nanjing/2017 Junior,
  • 2nd place world championships Nanjing 2017 Junior 20Km E Road,  Bronze in world championships Nanjing 2017 Jun. 10Km P/E Track;
  • 2nd place European Championship Lagos/2017 – Marathonj Junior ,
  • Bronze European Championship Lagos 2017 – 20Km Elim. Road Junior A + Bronze Road Relays.
Thomas Vosté BEL Est, Camp. Mundial

Thomas Voste, Bel, 

  • World Champion Relays Track Nanjing – China/2017 Junior;
  • Bronze European Championship Lagos – Portugal/2017 in Road relays, in  Juniores B.

Tim Sibiet, Bel,

  • European Champion Lagos – Portugal /2017 Track Relays Sénior;
  • World Champion Relays Track – 2013.
Tim Sibiet, BEL
Jan Martin Mende Ger

Jan Martin Mende, Ale, 

  • 2nd place European Championships Lagos-Portugal/2017 – 1 lap Junior B.

Antonio Edgar Freitas, Por, 

  • Bronze European Championship Lagos – Portugal /2017 – 10Km P Road Jun. A and relays track.
Antonio-Freitas POR
Mathéo Krevolen, FRA

Mathéo Kervoelen, Fra,

  • Bronze European Championship Lagos – Portugal/2017 – 10Km P Road Junior B.

Marick Guérinel, Fra, 

  • Bronze European Championship Lagos – Portugal 2017 Track Relays Junior B.

With 9 days left to finish the first phase of registration, 11 March, many skaters are prominent, with the number of countries, teams and skaters expected to be one of the largest of the fifteen editions of this event.

Do not lose sight of them !!